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Children's Feet

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Children's Feet

The most common conditions that I see in practice with children’s feet include:


Toe deformities and unusual nail shape. I can reassure parent and child what the normal parameters are for these and advise whether there is an issue either currently or down the line; In some cases I may advise on simple exercises or if a change of shoe wear is all that is required.

Children and teenagers are prone to in-growing toe nails, especially if they have inherited a curvy profile of nail shape and suffer with excessive moisture on the skin. I understand that it may be the first time a child has been to a podiatry clinic and this can make them anxious. Here at my clinic, I will endeavour to make sure primarily that they feel at ease and that they can trust me to undertake any necessary treatment that may be required. Please see more on in-growing toe nails.

Many parents worry about their child’s feet being flat footed or the child may complain about their feet feeling tired  or having aches and pains. I can advise and give reassurance on whether their issue falls within the normal range of a child of that age or not. Please see more on flat foot.


Conditions not treated are verruca’s. After careful consideration and discussion with other experts in the field, I generally don’t advise active treatment for verruca's for children.  However, I am more than happy to diagnose, consult and manage verruca’s or advise self-management. In exceptional circumstances (where they have for some reason become painful) I may recommend/refer for treatment.

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