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Flat Foot / Arch Pain / 

High Arches

Margaret Carruthers Podiatrist and Chiropodist | Flat Feet

Flat Feet


Flat feet is usually a hereditary condition; which occurs when the normal foot arches have partially or completely collapsed. When the foot is put to the ground the inner or middle side of the foot comes down to the floor rather than remaining raised. This can cause the whole foot to roll inwards (this is called over-pronation). It is not a disorder if it doesn't cause any symptoms, for example many kids appear to have flat feet, yet experience no symptoms. 

When Flat feet do become a problem, pain can be felt almost anywhere in the foot, depending on which part of the arch is dropping and which tendons are stretched or injured. 

High Arches

High arches can also course problems. This type of foot shape is prone to developing clawed toes and ankle spraining. 
Pain in both these foot types may involve the whole foot or ankle, or just parts of it. Pain can occur inside/outside the ankle, on the outer edge of the foot or in the arch itself. It can also lead to pain in the calf, knee, thigh, hip or even the spine. Other medical conditions aggravating this include obesity, arthritis, pregnancy and hypermobility. 


I can offer some of the most up to date advice and techniques, which will be delivered in the clinic. This may include a shoes review, Biomechanical/MSK assessment and walking analysis. (See the Biomechanics MSK section)

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