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Sports injuries of the ankle

and lower leg

Margaret Carruthers Podiatrist and Chiropodist | Sports Injuries

Sports injuries of the ankle and lower leg

A range of conditions comes under this heading and includes: - Tibialis posterior syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, Shin splints, Peroneal tendonitis, Anterior compartment syndrome, Severs disease, Patellofemoral syndrome, Osteoarthritis of the knee, Paediatric flat foot and many more.



I can offer some of the most up to date advice and techniques, which will be delivered in the clinic. This may include a shoes review, walking analysis using the Dartfish Video Gait Analysis System, complete assessment (Biomechanical or MSK assessments of the legs and feet), stretching regime advice and specialist insoles or orthotics. The assessment typically takes up to an hour.

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